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The DAV institutions in and around phagwara belong to India's largest non- government educational conglomerate called Dayanand Anglo Vedic( D.A.V. ) College Trust and Management Society with its head quarters in New Delhi. With more than 675 colleges, Public Schools, State Schools, Professional and Technical institutes under its umbrella, the DAV as an educational monolith is perhaps the biggest Trust in education in the entire world.

The DAV system of education is in fact the brain-child of Arya Samaj - a socio- religio-cultural Movement- founded by Swami Dayanand Saraswati( 1825-1883)  at Bombay in 1875. Swami Dayanand Saraswati, the sage and the seer, rose on Indian horizon as a luminous presence to take India from darkness to light. Calling Indians to go back to the Wisdom of Vedas, he laid a concrete bedrock for a vibrant renaissance of Indian heritage. The Vedic philosophy preached by Swamiji implied a curriculum which would transcend the prejudices of caste,colour, creed, community and language. After Swami Dayanand surrendered his soul, his followers gathered in Lahore in 1885 to think how best to perpetuate Swamiji's hallowed memories and the ideas he had lived & died for. After many rounds of discussions, the DAV College Trust and Management Society was founded to establish an enlightened and progressive system of education based on the needs of the contemporary times with emphasis on Indian thought and culture.The Society found its first DAV School in Lahore in 1886 with Mahatma Hansraj as its founder Headmaster. 

                                  TEN PRINCIPLES OF ARYA SAMAJ:

  • God is the ultimate source of all true knowledge and of the objects that are knon by its means.
  • God is existent,intelligent and blissful.He is formless,almighty,just,merciful,unborn,infinite and maker of the universe.To Himalone worship is due.
  • The vedas are books of true knowledge.It is the paramount duty of all Aryans to read them and to teach them, to hear them and to read them to others.
  • We should always be ready to accept truth and to renounce untruth.
  • All actions should be done in confirmity with dharma after the consideration of right and wrong.
  • The primary aim of the arya samaj is to do good to alli.e. promotr their physical,spiritual and social well being.
  • We should treat all the people with affection,justice and with due regard to their merit.
  • We should aim at dispelling ignorance and promoting knowledge.
  • No one should remain satisfied with his own welfare.He should regard his welfare to lie in the welfare of all.
  • In matter which effect the well-being of all persons should give a subordinate place to his personal likings,in matters which effect him alone,he is to enjoy freedom of action.

            To make education national in tone and character and weld together the Indian people by encouraging the study of the national language (Hindi) and acquaintance with English literature, to impart knowledge and develop in students, the faculty of thinking and a spirit of enquiry and research, so as to make them useful members of the community, to infuse in students high moral and spiritual values by enforcing the study of Sanskrit and Vedas in the DAV institutions, and to provide stimulus to the material and economic progress of the country by spreading the knowledge of the physical and applied sciences, and introducing technical education.

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