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Principal Y.D. JIGYASU

From the principal's desk
Dear students,

     I welcome you to the portals of this institution.You can certainly win & embarace success if only you firmly make up your mind to lead & succeed. All is possible to him that believeth,who has a definite goal backed by determinatin to achieve it,no matter what the odds or obstacles are. The world will stand aside let pass the man who knows where he is going nad who strides majestically with steps firm & fath & an optimistic & enthsiastic heart will definitely find that way or make it.

       Mohan lal uppal Dav college,phagwara is no doubt a new sapling in the glorious chain of Dav college managing committee,new delhi but within the first accedmic session it has shown 100% result in B.COM-I, 97% in B.CAM & OUR ILLUSTRIOUS STUDENT MR.RISHI UPPAL topped the university ,exceeding all colleges of the university including the big ones of big cities. I congratulate the members of faculty 7 students for their hard- work sincerely devotion and their firm fath to achieve .Determination to achieve and hard-work are the key words for any and every success.

        Action speaks a lot louder than words.Self-praise is no recommendation. Let others talk about your success.

                                                                                                  Y.D. JIGYASU


M L U  D A V   C O L L E G E    P H A G W A R A